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Todd Maria

CEO, Mercury Healthcare, USA

Dr. Maria Todd is an internationally renowned expert, author, and strategist in the field of medical tourism who has provided crucial insight and expertise to health and tourism authorities, among them, the European Commission and Greece, before and in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. Her extensive knowledge and experience from working in 120+ countries have helped medical tourism stakeholders navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and plan for the future.

Dr. Todd’s nursing background is incorporated into her strategic planning framework that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to address key issues such as infection control, public health considerations for destination citizens, patient safety, supply chain issues for providers, and quality assurance, in addition to more traditional considerations such as marketing, pricing, and service delivery. This holistic approach has helped stakeholders develop effective strategies to address the needs of patients and providers while mitigating risk and ensuring patient safety.

Dr. Todd’s immense contributions to health tourism strategic planning has earned her five, distinguishing international lifetime achievement awards. She is one of the scarce consulting experts in the world who is very active in medical travel case management surgical planning on a daily basis in the USA, coordinating about 40 cases per month. Her expertise and knowledge have provided invaluable guidance to stakeholders navigating the complex and rapidly changing landscape of health tourism, and we are grateful for her insights.