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Mortandello Riccardo

Mayor of the City Montegrotto Terme, Italy

I was born in Padua on June 28th, 1981. I studied accounting and I deal professionally with tourism, I work for a hotel in our Euganean area, where I deal with commercial aspects, relations with online tour operators and communication.

I have always been passionate about politics too, and since 2016, I am the Mayor of the City of Montegrotto Terme, a position to which I was reconfirmed for a second term in 2021. In these years as Mayor, together with the municipal administration, I have tried to make tourism evolve, transforming the concept of tourist resort to that of tourist destination, creating the foundation of a tourist unification of the 16 thermal municipalities of our area: a single great destination, recognized by our Veneto region, which is in a phase of transformation, hopefully positive.

I am also passionate about history, especially the one concerning the area where I grew up, which finds a perfect synthesis in the recently inaugurated municipal museum of ancient thermalism and the territory, which is also located in Montegrotto Terme.