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Konstantinidi Lena

Healthy lifestyle designer | naturopath

After spending 10 years working behind a computer screen, I decided to change my life. First step to wellbeing: healthy eating. Second step: starting naturopathy studies and a new profession opens up in the horizon.

Today I propose individual coaching sessions according to your own background, needs and desires in a safe environment.

My role at “Pliades retreats” is to design energizing meals, to share my tips for a simple, fresh, and colorful cuisine, as well as my every day naturopathy tips to wellness.

For relaxation I offer a palette of massages. Private naturopathy sessions are also possible to book during the retreat.

In “Pliades retreats” we guide participants to a journey towards wellness. We created a cooperative that proposes unique experiences through activities such as plant-based workshops, lectures, individual naturopathy and massage sessions, production of plant-based nutritional products, yoga and brunch events, wellness retreats and production of educational material such as e-books and videos. We offer life-changing experiences. Through a variety of proposed activities, participants can experiment in a safe environment an alternative/different way of life, experiencing the benefits of a plant-based non-refined diet, detoxing, moving, relaxing and being in contact with the four natural elements (air, earth, sea, sun). This project is born from the association Alexandra and Lena. Alexandra is a plant-based chef and Lena is a naturopath specialized in plant-based diet. Each participant is taken care with responsibility, simplicity, and honesty throughout this journey of new experiences and habits.