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Gaka Ioanna

Gynaecologist - Holistic Physician

I started my studies at the Medical School of Athens, to fulfil my lifelong dream. I then pursued the specialty of Obstetrics – Gynaecology and received a master’s degree (MSc) in Molecular Biology which evolved into a PhD thesis at the Medical School in the same field.

I continued my studies in Physical Medicine (Botany, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Body Psychotherapy, Live Blood Microscopy, Neural Therapy, Shamanic Medicine). I received a second master’s degree (MSc) in Quantum Medicine from the University of Hawaii, USA and undertook a second PhD thesis at the same University (currently in progress), on Lyme disease.

As of 2005, I have been working in my private practice in Kolonaki, Greece, focusing on prevention, treatment and balancing human health.

My work aims at balancing and empowering the patient, both curatively and preventively, on all levels (energy, physical, mental, psychological). In my practice, I use the most modern methods of holistic approach for diagnosis and treatment:

Quantum biofeedback, Toxicity identification, Ozone therapy, Colon hydrotherapy, Dark field microscopy, Determination of therapeutic essential oils, Epigenetic hair test, Intravenous natural treatments, INUSpheresis Detox, Peptide treatments, face and hair PRP, Autologous stem cell therapy.

All treatments follow the application of evidence-based international protocols and are individualized according to the circumstances.