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Athanasiou Thanasis

Plastic Surgeon, ABH Medical Group

Dr Athanasiou, MD, PhD, is a Plastic Surgeon from Athens, Greece.

After the completion of his main specialty and PhD in Athens, he did a fellowship in London Clinic and Chelsey and Westminister Hospital, in the UK, and then continued his training in New Port Beach and Beverly Hills. California, USA.

His exposure and collaboration with long-standing professors and eminent plastic surgeons from the UK and the USA gave him a lot of experience in his field creating a strong relation of co-operation and ongoing exchange of opinions and up-to-date techniques until today.

His vision is blending Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and Bioregenerative medicine in one space offering a 360° approach to his patients. He is the founder of ABH-medical group. A group of 6 clinics in Greece and Cyprus and co-founder of ZOE clinic, a hybrid model of Bioregenerative clinics.

He has published in several established international and national scientific journals and has given lectures in many national and international meetings.

He believes in the multidisciplinary approach and co-operation between physicians of the same or different specialties.

His core philosophy is that Beauty and Health is a Balanced equation between Body and Mind and not separate elements in a person’s appearance.